Visual Basic Microsoft-Samples

Visual Basic Microsoft-Samples: Beispieldateien auf der MSDN-Installations-CD
ActXDoc ActiveX Document tutorial.
AXData ActiveX components acting as data sources for other controls.
Coffee Creating and using ActiveX components.
CtlPlus Creating an ActiveX control.
DatAware Creating classes that can act as sources or consumers of data.
GeoFacts Demonstrates the use of Excel objects in a Visual Basic application.
ChrtSamp Using MSChart control to display data from an Excel worksheet.
CtlsAdd Adding controls to an application at run time.
Datatree Using the TreeView, ListView, and ProgressBar.
Dialer Using MSComm control and a modem to dial a phone number.
ListCmbo Data-binding to a list box and combo box.
MCITest Shows basic functionality of the Multimedia MCI Control.
OleCont OLE Container control.
RedTop Creates an animation of a spinning top.
VBMail Demonstrates the use of the MAPI controls by sending and receiving electronic mail.
VBTerm Terminal emulation using the MSComm control.
WinSeek Searching for specific files
Data Access and Data Binding
BookSale Uses an Automation server to encapsulate the logic of business policies and rules.
Data Environment Demonstrates the new Data Environment designer.
Data Report Demonstrates the new Data Report designer.
Loan Using ADO and creatable recordsets to dynamically populate a DataGrid control.
MSFlexGd Using the MS FlexGrid control.
Visdata DAO techniques.
Callback Server-initiated callback to the client.
Hello World Remote Automation Simple remote automation.
Interface Uses the COM apartment model resource allocation algorithm.
Message Queue Enterprise messaging.
Passthrough Server Simple pass-through server.
Pool Manager Clients ask the pool manager for a pointer to an object.
General Programming
ATM How to use a resource file.
CallDlls Calling procedures in dynamic-link libraries.
Controls Shows use of controls such as the TextBox, CommandButton, and Image.
Errors Error-handling techniques.
FirstApp Using the Data control and other data-aware controls.
MdiNote Making a simple multiple-document interface application. Menu creation.
Optimize Optimization techniques.
ProgWOb Programming with objects.
SdiNote Making a simple single-document interface application. Menu and toolbar creation.
TabOrder Reset the tab order of a given form using Visual Basic Extensibility model.
VCR How Visual Basic classes can be modeled after real-world objects.
Blanker General graphics techniques.
Palettes PaletteMode settings
DhShowMe DHTML techniques.
PropBag Storing state values between HTML pages.
Support1 Using webclass and ADO technology to create an application.
Wcdemo WebClass demonstration.
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